Managing Your Chamber Just Got Easier.

ChamberMade is an Association Management Software made for chambers that makes it easy to manage and grow your members, automate and scale your membership sales, monetize your web presence, and provide valuable tools for the public to search for, find, and connect with businesses in your area.
ChamberMade is an association management software made for chambers that pays for itself.

Why Your Staff Will Love It

Why Your Members Will Love It

Why Your Board Will Love It

Why Choose ChamberMade

ChamberMade is an association management software and system created specifically for chambers of commerce. Most importantly, ChamberMade’s features aren’t broad or generic. Every feature is developed to address the individual challenges that staff members, board members, and chamber members face.
With a team of developers and designers on hand, ChamberMade is more than just an app. The user side of your chamber’s platform becomes a brand new website that looks and functions just as seamlessly as the admin side.

A Pricing Plan for Every Chamber

Whether you’re a mighty community of 50 or your list of members has passed 300, ChamberMade’s pricing accommodates your size without sacrificing the tools you need.

Simple Onboarding With Chamber Learn

With ChamberMade, we take the guesswork out of automating your chamber. Follow along with our straightforward, intuitive onboarding videos via ChamberLearn™ to get your team and your members integrated in no time.

ChamberMade is right for your chamber if →

ChamberMade is right for your chamber if ↓

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