Features for every role at your Chamber

Features for every Manager Member Visitor of your Chamber

Every group that makes up a chamber of commerce is important, but not every group faces the same set of challenges. With ChamberMade, introduce an association management software to your chamber that offers more than overarching solutions. Each feature tackles specific obstacles and opportunities for growth, including bringing money back into your chamber.

Streamline Manager Responsibilities

Our system has the built-in tools to organize and manage your chamber data, with the compatibility to integrate the tools you already know and trust. With ChamberMade, everything you need to set your chamber up for success is in one place.

Custom E-Commerce

Easily offer tiered pricing structures, free trials, and subscription-based offers with our automated invoice system, easily integrated with Quickbooks.

  • We integrate Quickbooks automatically for you, however you need it set up
  • Offer automatic, recurring membership options
  • Integrates with most major payment providers (PayPal, Stripe, Square, Bambora, etc.)
  • Take payments over the phone, easily sent invoices out and/or accept payments right in ChamberMade

Full Event Management

ChamberMade lets you accept payments, manage registration, import and export guest lists, and keep your events up-to-date, hassle free.

  • Easily create, manage, and update events in ChamberMade
  • Offer free and paid tickets for private (member-only) and public events
  • Integrate with Zoom, Skype, or other webinar software
  • Send event details via email
  • Ticket purchase history available for members
  • Easily track on the front-end which events you’re registered for
  • Event calendar included for free

Automated CRM Integration

Easily sync your members with Zoho, Hubspot, or other leading CRM software to make sure your Rep and Member data is always synced.

  • Sync data from ChamberMade to Zoho so your CRM data is always up-to-date
  • Sync on Member and Rep create or update
  • Automatically sync new Members when they sign up
  • Sync time within 60 seconds

User and Visitor Analytics

Understand your visitors and track visitor-to-member conversion using Google Analytics and other visitor tracking systems.

  • Track site users, site speed, and bounce rate
  • Track visitors by device type and session duration
  • Compare different time periods

Custom Daily Dashboards

From daily analytics, user tracking, and app activity, to app integration and tracking purchases, everything you need is all in one place.

  • Overview section lays everything out for the day in one location
  • Track purchase trends, sales, and popular products
  • Easily view and track all recent activity and recent orders
  • Compare different time periods

Quickbooks Integration

Automatically sync your purchases to Quickbooks for membership sign-ups, renewals, event ticket purchases, and much more.

  • Send Sales Receipts, Invoices, and/or Payments at any stage of the purchasing funnel
  • Split up fees and send to different accounts
  • Track active memberships right inside ChamberMade
  • Optionally integrate with Quickbooks Automations

Optimized Email Sending

Send emails you can count on from your website, and save all form submissions in several places, ensuring your leads are never lost.

  • Emails are stored inside ChamberMade, and can be re-sent and downloaded easily
  • Emails are also tracked from our SMTP provider-side
  • We store logs of all emails and can provide delivery reports for all website form submissions

Easy Member Management

Manage your information easily; we provide a simple way to manage, edit, and optimize members within your chamber.

  • Manage Rep and Member assignments quickly
  • Create new Reps easily
  • Track all Member and Rep information easily in ChamberMade
  •  All data automatically synced with CRM and Accounting

Easy Content Management

Keep up with your chamber’s growth using our integrated tools to create beautiful pages, posts, and templates, quickly and easily.

  • Build modern, responsible pages visually and publish changes quickly and easily
  • Track all different types of posts and pages inside ChamberMade and easily update information
  • Gain access to hundreds of unique and easy-to-use widgets from our integrated website builder tools

Optimized SEO

Control everything with thorough and organized SEO settings to keep your site highly ranked and easy to find.

  • Get an SEO score and readability for all posts, helping you rank better
  • Set SEO titles, descriptions, and meta tags and get real-time SEO analysis and recommendations
  • SEO keyword analysis and recommendations

Are you looking for something else?

Coming in 2022 you could claim Chambercoin for referring new Chambers, and you can use those points towards any ChamberMade-hosted event in North America!

ChamberMade Charities applications opening up early 2022 – stay tuned!

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