Managing Your Chamber Just Got Easy.

A chamber management system, made for chambers, that pays for itself.

Why Choose ChamberMade?

  • Helps you better serve your members

  • Provides more immediate value and convenience to your members

  • Gives you your time back so that you can focus on serving your members

  • Allows you to get more tangible productivity from your staff and volunteers

  • Seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks

  • Increases engagement with your board members

  • Builds the business world’s most powerful connected community

  • Makes sponsorship a breeze

  • Anyone on your team can easily use

  • Automates event management, so that you can participate too

Why Your Staff Will Love It

  • Saves time by automating manual, tedious processes

  • Allows simple event creation and sponsorship opportunities

  • Simplifies debriefing and concluding events before the next

  • Tracks and automates membership fees, eliminating unpaid invoices

  • Improves staff morale, creating a digital space that’s simple and fun to work with

Why Your Members Will Love It

  • Creates a user-friendly platform with a user-experience that's quick, intuitive, and easy to navigate

  • Allows members to easily and quickly register for events and sponsorships

  • Is easily accessible from any device

Why Your Board Will Love It

  • Streamlines and simplifies internal operations

  • Reduces operating costs

  • Allows for easier follow-up with partners and members

  • Improves value proposition

  • Assists staff in prioritizing member specific responsibilities

  • Simplifies event management and registrations

  • Receive sponsorship payments on time and without hassle

ChamberMade Is Right For You If...

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See Why Other Chambers Love ChamberMade

“I think the biggest thing is moving all of our functions into a single place. It also allows for new members to onboard themselves, where before that process fell to our administration team, and it was a lot of extra work. It’s also much more streamlined…having everything visible within the first 5 to 10 seconds when you land on the dashboard.”

- Chris Bailey
Erin Chamber Of Commerce

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A Pricing Plan for Every Chamber.

Whether you’re a mighty community of 50 or your list of members has passed 300, ChamberMade’s pricing accommodates your size without sacrificing the tools you need.

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