Features for Every Aspect of Your Chamber

ChamberMade has more than just overarching solutions. This complete, cloud-based member management system contains features that address challenges for chamber staff, members, and even the Board of Directors.

One Platform, Minimized Cost

Instead of juggling various subscriptions for different tools, ChamberMade covers everything including customer, event, and account management, and so much more.

Monetization and Sponsorship Opportunities

From “pro” features like user personalization to sponsorships and collaborations, ChamberMade is tailored to your chamber’s goals, meaning anything can be monetized.

Incentivized Member Recruitment

Relieve some recruitment pressure with the features and benefits that ChamberMade offers and grow your chamber with lifelong members.

Increased ROI

ChamberMade is an association management software that improves the functionality, automation, sense of community, and financial gain of your chamber.

Support System

Every ChamberMade subscription comes with a support system where users can request platform changes or additions.

Simplified & Accurate Polling

ChamberMade simplifies and automates the polling process of any scale by allowing users to vote online, offering real-time, data-driven results.

ChamberMade is for You.