Features for Every Aspect of Your Chamber

ChamberMade has more than just overarching solutions. This complete, cloud-based member management system contains features that address challenges for chamber staff, members, and even the Board of Directors.


ChamberMade’s directory software can handle an unlimited number of businesses, from entire websites down to socials.

Programs and Event Planning

With ChamberMade, you’ll be able to promote and manage all event details with synchronized member calendars.


With ChamberMade, your members can edit and share discounts and downloadable coupons while promoting their businesses with quick links.


ChamberMade provides a space for members to upload valuable business resources automatically or after your approval.

News & Learning

Keep visitors and members up-to-date on community and government news concerning your chamber.

Job Postings

ChamberMade’s functionality makes it simple to post, categorize, filter, and remove job postings as soon as they’re filled.


From uploading applicant files to signing their contracts, ChamberMade lets you customize your sign-up form to best fit your chamber.


Establish your chamber’s values and link to equality and equity workshops and events with ChamberMade’s community feature.

Search and Filter Functionality

You can easily index the pages and content on your site so your users can search in ChamberMade effortlessly.

Business Map Markers

Members can connect with your community by pinning their contact information on the ChamberMade map.

Polls & Voting

Know how your members feel about a topic with live polling and real-time statistics in ChamberMade.

Members Dashboard

User-friendly dashboard for easy membership, payment, and profile management.

ChamberMade is for You.