Feature Types: Staff

Template Creator

Keep up with your chamber’s growth using ChamberMade templates to create new pages easily and quickly.

Event Tracking

ChamberMade lets you accept payments, manage registration, import guest lists, and keep your events up-to-date, hassle-free.

Front-End Page Builder

ChamberMade uses Elementor, a simple drag and drop page builder, to create your site’s pages consistently.

Pricing and Products

Easily carry out tiered pricing structures, free trials, and subscription-based offers with automated accounting software.

User Management

A simple way to manage, edit, and optimize members within your chamber at your fingertips.

Email Sending

Optimized Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to ensure all your forms and get sent 100% of the time, without worry.

Accounting Integration

With ChamberMade, easily sync your purchases to Quickbooks and automatically sync cancellations and refunds.

CRM Integration

Effortlessly sync with your customer relationship management software.


Understand your visitors and track conversions with ChamberMade.