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Creating a new post

Chamber members and administrators can add new posts to the chamber website. These generally take the form of blogs and are a great way to add fresh content to the site, which improves overall SEO.

1. Log into your ChamberMade account by clicking on the navigation bar drop-down menu, and click on log in. You’ll be taken to the log in page where you can enter your username and password.

2. Administrators will be taken directly to your dashboard, while members will be taken back to the chamber homepage. Members can use the navigation bar drop down to select ChamberMade to be brought to their dashboard.

3. On the dashboard, look for the black create button in the top right. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Post.

4. This will open a new post creation window for you. Give your post a title in the Add title field. This will appear to visitors

5. Find the Featured image tab on the right column. You may have to click the down arrow on the tab to reveal further options

6. Click Set featured image to open your chamber’s media library. You can choose from the images already available through the Media Library tab, or upload an appropriate image from your device through the Upload Files tab. Remember: the image you choose will appear to visitors.

7. When you have chosen an appropriate image, click the Set featured image button in the lower right corner of the media library window.

8. Click Edit with Elementor to open the Elementor application.

9. See “Editing with Elementor” for more information on Elementor functionality.

10. Once you’re pleased with your post, click the green up arrow on the bottom of the leftmost column. You’ll be able to save this post as a draft or as a template to be used later on. More often than not, you will click “Save Draft”

11. Click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and select “EXIT TO DASHBOARD” to close the Elementor app and return to the post creation window

12. In the post creation window, you can then save this draft or preview it as it would appear on the site.

13. If you have member-level access, you can then submit your post for an administrator’s review by clicking the “submit for review” button. If you have administrator access, you can immediately publish your post by clicking on the “publish” button that takes the place of the “submit for review” button.

All done!

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