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Adding an Order Manually

Your ChamberMade site automates many processes, including online transactions. However, there may be the occasional member within your chamber who might lack the skills to perform an online transaction. Here is how an order can be entered into your system manually.

1. Log into your ChamberMade account by clicking on the navigation bar drop-down menu, and click on log in. You’ll be taken to the login page where you can enter your username and password.

2. Administrators will be taken directly to your dashboard, while members will be taken back to the chamber homepage. Members can use the navigation bar drop down to select ChamberMade to be brought to their dashboard.

3. Locate the E-Commerce tab on the left column and click on the < arrow to display further options.

4. Select Add Order from the options that appear to be taken to the Add new order page. The order number (i.e. Order #86448 details) will be automatically generated based on the number of orders that have come before.

5. The Date Created field will be automatically generated based on when you start your order, but can be adjusted if required.

6. Has this order already been paid for? Will payment be forthcoming? Choose from the Status drop-down menu. You can choose from pending payment, processing, on hold, completed, cancelled, refunded, or failed, depending on the order’s payment status.

7. Click the pencil icon next to the word Billing to bring up the billing address form. Fill out the customer’s details including payment method.

8. Follow the same steps as outlined above to update the Shipping address. If it is the same as the billing address, click on Copy billing address to automatically fill out the form.

9. What product is this order for? Scroll to the Product section and click Add item(s) to select the product being ordered.

10. From here, you can add a product from the add product(s) button.

11. This will bring up the Add products popup window. Here, you can search for the product in question and enter the quantity being ordered. Click add when done.

12. You may also add fees, shipping costs, or applicable taxes to the order through the available options in the Product section. Click Save when done.

13. If the product being ordered is instead downloadable, search for the product in question in the Downloadable product permissions section. Once you find the product in question, click Grant access.

14. Are there any special notes you wish to add to this order? Do so through the Order notes section in the right-hand column of your screen. You can make this note a private one, or a note to the customer making the order. It will appear on their digital invoice. Click add when done.

15. Almost done. Locate the Order actions section in the right hand column. Here you can choose from one of three options in the drop-down menu provided: email invoice/order details to customer will send an invoice to the customer at the email address provided in step 7. Resend new order notification will send a second invoice should there be an issue receiving the first. Regenerate download permissions will send a link to your customer should their order be for an item that is downloadable.

16. When satisfied with the information entered into this order, click Create in the same Order actions section.

All done!

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