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Creating a new account

1. Go to your chamber of commerce’s website and click on Join Now.

2. The Let’s Get Started popup window will be displayed.

3. Begin by filling out the first and last name of your organization’s primary representative in the Primary Re First Name and Primary Rep Last Name fields.

4. Provide your representative’s email address in the Enter Your Email Address field. Note: the address must be unique in your chamber’s system in order to register.

5. Click the Join The Chamber button.

6. You will be taken to step two of the signup process. Provide your business name, as you would like it to appear in your chamber’s directory, in the Business Name field.

7. Include your business phone number and website in the Business Phone and Business Website/URL fields.

8. Write a description of your business in the Business Description field. This will appear on your business listing in your chamber’s business directory. You have a maximum of 500 characters.

9. You will want to include your organization’s logo so that it appears on your listing in your chamber’s business directory. Do so in the Member Logo field. You can drag and drop your image in the field, or click Drop a file here or click to upload and select one from your device.

10. Select an appropriate category for your business in the Directory Category menu. There are many to choose from, choose the one best-suited for your business.

11. Click Next.

12. In step three, you will provide your business’ location information. Enter your address, city, state/province, and ZIP/postal code in their respective fields.

13. Choose your country from the drop-down menu provided.

14. Indicate an alternate phone number for your business, if applicable, along with a toll-free phone number and fax number should you have either.

15. Your chamber can display your company on a map within your chamber’s directory page. But first, you must provide your latitude and longitude. Do so automatically by clicking on the To Find Your Latitude Click Here or the To Find Your Longitude Click Here text.

16. You will be brought to the website where you can learn your coordinates by clicking on the Find My Coordinates button.

17. Your coordinates will be displayed in the map just below the Find My Coordinates buton. You May need to grant the website permission to discover your location. If you do not wish to do so, you can manually enter your address in the House number, Street, City etc… text field.

18. Copy and paste the provided coordinates into the corresponding text fields on your registration form.

19. Click Next.

20. In step four, you can provide links to all your social channels. You are not required to provide links to any social channels, but these will be displayed on your business’ entry on the chamber’s directory page.

21. Click Next

22. On the Business Extras step, you will be able to enter further information about your business. This includes a short description of your business, as well as driving directions to your location.

23. You can provide keywords related to your business in the Business Keywords text field. Remember to include a space between each term.

24. Indicate how many full- and part-time employees there are with your business in the appropriate fields.

25. Indicate the date your business was established in the Business Established Date field, and your hours of operation in the Hours of Operation field.

26. Click Next.

27. You should now be on step six of the registration process. Here, you will create login information. Provide your desired username in the PrimaryRepUser field. This must be unique, as usernames cannot be repeated in your chamber’s system.

28. Create a new password to be used for login in the PrimaryRepPass field. It must be a minimum of eight characters, with one uppercase and one lowercase letter at least. Your password must include at least one number and at least one special character to be valid.

29. Click Next

30. In the seventh and final step, confirm the number of employees within your organization through the Number of Employees drop-down menu. This will affect the amount in the Membership Fees field.

31. Provide any comments or ask any questions you may have in the Comments/Questions text field. These will be sent to a member of your chamber’s administration.

32. Click Join The Chamber button.

33. After your registration is complete, your information will be processed by chamber staff, and a member of your chamber’s onboarding team will reach out with further information.

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